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Hands-On Plastics Kit

Hands-On Plastics (HOP) Kit for Grades 5-10

Hands-On Plastics (HOP) science education kits contain everything you need to implement a thorough and engaging inquiry-based curriculum into the chemistry and the characteristics of plastics. Students learn first-hand that scientists and engineers have the ability to solve problems and produce products with plastics to meet the needs of people everywhere.

This kit contains HDPE, LDPE, PS, PET, PP, and PVC pellets, as well as HDPE flakes and one preform. These are packaged in clear polyethylene bags with labels for each resin type.

A nominal charge for the kit materials and shipping allows SPE to continue providing a valued and long-lasting science tool.

Please visit the Hands-On Plastics section for background information and lesson plans.

Item No : HOP2
Price: $19.95

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