In the 2017–18 school year, PlastiVan® visited 142 schools and STEM fairs in 16 states. We taught over 20,000 students about the chemistry, history, processing, manufacturing, and sustainability of plastics.

Here are some of their testimonials over the years.



"Music to my Ears"—Professor Majid Sarmadi, UW-Madison

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“You Made the Difference!”—2015 Dow Great Lakes Bay STEM Festival

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“Phenomenal Opportunity!”—Paul Riskus, Walt Disney Magnet, Chicago

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“Energy and Enthusiasm”—Rolf Tremblay, Goodman Middle School

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“Engaged Students”—Matthew Hooper, WHS Science Department, Chemistry

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Plastic Success!—Olwen Chin

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“Mesmerized Students”—Rosemarie Burger, Stonington HS, Connecticut

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Letters from students at Hillcrest Middle School

Media Mentions

Davis-Standard connects with Westerly, Stonington students

By Anna Maria Lemoine, The Westerly Sun, Staff Writer

"It's wonderful to see corporations invest in their local communities," Rosamarie Burger, a chemistry teacher at Stonington, said. "Students learned how plastics are made and saw demonstrations of polymer production."

Just one word: plastics

By Lee Howard, The Day (theday.com)

The entertaining presentation, sponsored by the plastic extrusion company Davis-Standard just down the road, that was repeated at Westerly High School, was meant to introduce students to the possibility of a career in plastics—and to show how much fun working with the material can be.

"This is the coolest thing we've done all year," said Casey Williams, a Stonington High senior, after the class was over.

Penn College Embraces the PlastiVan®


"THANK YOU for bringing the PlastiVan® program to Clarkston Junior High. The students were interested and engaged the whole time. We as teachers were also very excited as we discussed new ways to integrate the concepts into our curriculum."

- CJHS 8th Grade Science Teacher