2020 Plastics for Life™

We know that plastics helps improve the quality of life and, in many cases, helps to extend and protect life. Whether it’s for medical, packaging, toys, cars, planes, agriculture, education, industrial, electronics, or building & construction applications, we celebrate what polymeric materials do to make life better on this planet by taking part in the annual SPE Plastics for Life™ Global Parts Competition.

There are winners in four categories plus a People’s Choice and Grand Prize Award winner, which will be announced during ANTEC® 2020. Judging categories are:

  • Protecting Life
  • Quality of Life
  • Improving Life
  • Sustaining Life

Submission Questions?
2020 Submission Guidelines can be found here.

Please direct all questions to Jon Ratzlaff at +1 918.977.4761

Parts Submission Logistics — Contact Scott Marko at +1 203.740.5442

Previous Winners